Below are options for both meals and accommodations for Activate.  Groups are free to choose what works best for them.  Youth Ministries is not responsible for meals or lodging for groups.


  • Stay at Braeside Camp

    • Cottages, dorms, trailers, tent sites.

  • Local hotels

  • Local church

Visit the Braeside website to view accommodation options and pricing, and then CALL Braeside directly to book your accommodations: 519-442-3773.


  • Prepare all or partial meals for your group.

  • Eat off site.

  • Purchase lunch or dinner at the Braeside Tuck Shop, open throughout the retreat. Download the price list below.

  • Purchase a meal plan from Braeside Camp (meals in the dining hall, see details below). Braeside has THREE meal plan options to choose from.

Please CALL Braeside directly to order your meals: 519-442-3773. When ordering meals you must notify Braeside of any serious dietary restrictions members within your group.

Please note:  
Braeside Camp makes reasonable attempts to reduce the amount of known allergens when preparing foods and is committed to reducing the risk of food-related allergenic reactions among our registrants. Unfortunately, some food products that they serve will have been produced in processing  plants that have come in contact with eggs, milk, soybean, wheat, food coloring, sulphites, nuts and/or seeds, and as such, it is possible that a student could be exposed to a known allergen(s).