february 8, 2020
calvary assembly
cambridge | Ontario


Elevation Leadership Training Intensive is a one-day event for youth and young adult ministry teams. It exists to equip, encourage and empower leaders in a youth or young adult ministry context. This event is designed to develop and sharpen the leadership skills of an entire ministry team, from the pastor to the student leaders. General leadership principles and specific areas of leadership interest are focused on by some of the brightest minds in the field.

This day will be jam-packed with labs and sessions to train your team. You will hear from inspiring and intelligent key leaders from our District and beyond. You will likely leave exhausted and flooded with information to process, but with a renewed excitement and passion for leading your teens with the tools you have gathered.

Elevation is for youth and young adult pastors and their leadership teams. This includes pastors, student leaders, adult leaders and leaders of young adults! We encourage you to bring your whole leadership team to be poured into. This is an opportunity to invest in your leadership team beyond what you are able to personally teach them.