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Discipleship for Lasting Change

At the heart of the Biblical story is the conviction that God can change people. In this workshop, we will look at the process described in the New Testament of how following Jesus in community can change us from the inside out. We will integrate insights from neuroscience and social psychology. We will also discuss approaches that don’t result in sustained life change. Finally, we will discuss how this process of inside out change can be experienced at different stages of life and for people at different places on their spiritual journey.

Note: This session will be tailored to youth pastors, but all are welcome to attend. 


Defining Our Cultural Moment

We live in a very different world than our grandparents. Somehow, Christianity is no longer at the centre of society but has now moved to the fringe. As missionaries in this world, it is our job to know the culture while maintaining strong ties to the kingdom. This session will take a deep dive into our cultural moment so that we can re-envision our approach to student relational ministry in a post-Christian world.



Being An Emotionally Healthy Leader

When you are flying, the safety instructions at the start always emphasis that before you attempt to help someone else with his or her oxygen mask, you need to put on your own mask first. Life can be complicated, at times filled with stressful, disheartening, or distressing issues, and can often leave us to feeling overwhelmed or overtired.  As leaders, how can we remain mentally and emotionally healthy so we can best serve the youth that come to our ministries every week, who are trying to manage the very same issues themselves? 



Compassion Generation: Leading Teens to Discover their Role in God’s Redeeming Story

 How do we disciple a generation that has a full and instant view of all the poverty, injustice and brokenness in the world through the screens in their pockets? It can be so hard for us—let alone our students—to believe that God has a plan in the midst of it all. But what if engaging these difficult issues head-on is exactly what our students need to experience the gospel in a fresh way—with a global perspective to see the world through God’s eyes? Because the good news is that He is writing a beautiful story of redemption, and He is inviting each of us to be a part of it. As people who disciple teenagers, we get to invite this generation that longs to be part of something bigger than themselves into this story—and show them the deep love and compassion of Christ along the way. Come join us as we examine poverty and injustice, and unpack what it looks like to engage students with missions and justice in a way that deepens their understanding of the gospel and their faith.



How To Build A Social Media Strategy In 2019

 Social media has completely changed in the last couple of years. In this session, you'll gain an understanding of what to do and what not to do on social media to help your ministry share the message of Jesus online.

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Building Your Dream Team

Most of us have probably heard the phrase teamwork makes the dream work. The challenge of effective team building, though, is not to simply build environments where teams work well together but to build systems that build teams that work well together. This session will provide you with practical insight to equip you in creating a leadership development system that ignites leadership expansion in your ministry.

Note: This session will be tailored to youth pastors, but all are welcome to attend.



Ten Areas of Youth Ministry We Should Be Thinking About In This Cultural Moment

In this session I want to unpack and discuss the 10 questions I’m wrestling with as a youth leader today. Questions like: How does the digital age we live in impact our approach to youth ministry? How do we see more of the Holy Spirit’s power at work at our youth nights? How do we work with parents and families better? How do we teach the Bible and lead Bible studies in a Bible-resistant culture?



Being a Shark In A Fish Bowl

Do you ever feel like the dreams God has given you are bigger than your environment or situation? Come and explore creative ways, rooted in the Bible, to create bigger spaces for bigger dreams without losing your mind and soul in the process.



Practicing the Presence of God in Life and Ministry

As a follower of Christ, we have the honor of having the Holy Spirit live within us. But what does that mean as we serve and lead this generation? A lot of misconceptions and strange ideas can cause us to miss the Presence of God in our life and ministry and yet God’s desire is for us to grow to know the Holy Spirit and follow His leading in all that we do. To effectively reach this generation, we need a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Maybe it’s time we let go of our misconceptions and invite the Presence of God to truly be part of the way we live and serve and lead.



Read your Bible, Pray Every Day?

For so many Christians, we are told to read our Bible and pray every day, which is good.  We do everything we can to fulfill this responsibility and live a good Christian life. Sadly, too often this creates a sense of duty that can end up leaving us dry and empty. What if I told you there is another way? Your relationship with God can be vital, alive, adventurous, and even transformative! In this session we will be talking about practical tools that have the potential to reignite your passion and relationship with God.