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Wayne Giroux is incredibly blessed. He is married to a beautiful, loving, and supportive wife named Bev, and his daughter is the most outstanding nine year old on the planet.  He is entering his seventh year serving as the Student Movement Director at Gateway Church in London, ON. Wayne's passion for the Ottawa Senators is only surpassed by his desire to see students accept Jesus and take steps toward awakening to and acting upon the call of God on their lives.  He has a passion for communicating and loves making silly voices. His most proud and embarrassing moment is winning the 2017 Overflow Lip Sync battle by performing the song “Church Clap.”

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Music has been an integral part of Bev’s life for as long as she can remember. She is a dedicated and energetic worship leader who is passionate about helping people connect with God through music. Bev lives in London, ON with her husband Wayne, who is a youth pastor, and their daughter Melody.  Bev teaches music in an elementary school where she teaches guitar and ukulele. She also serves in her church at Gateway in London by leading worship and training the student worship team at GSM. She is excited to return to Silver Birches youth camp this year.